Home Sweet Home!

You are about to enter MY world.

Admission is free...and you can stay as long as you like and leave
when the mood hits you.

And now about ME!  I'm BIG...My name is Bob...and I have been
known to be Bad!  Or so they say...But has anyone figured out
exactly who THEY are yet!?!?  It's my name and I'm proud of
it...Had it all my life...And my GOOD friends call me Triple B.  
(Actually...my name is Bobby Paiva, but nobody can pronounce it!!)

And now...about MY WORLD!!
BIG Bad Bob   
My World!
(a.k.a. My HAPPY Place)
What makes me "HAPPY"?
Simple...sharing the following with the
rest of the world:

My Humor  

My Art  

My Music
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changed on a fairly regular basis,
so check back often...or you might
miss out on something new and
potentially GREAT!!

Please contact me anytime!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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So Welcome to the "party" that's ALWAYS
going on in my head...
My Christmas Gift
to you...
Christmas In NYC
Original paintings